Sunday, February 2, 2014

R I P Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Despite my weird and screwy history together, this is a tragic day. When I heard the news my stomache went into my throat. 

He was a good actor and, having seen first hand him with his children, he apppeared to be a good father. 

My heart goes out to his family and the film community. RIP gone too soon 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Why Have I not been doing this

When I started this blog I explained my objectives in doing so
I have once again had to focus on the need to get employment again over the last year but that isn't only it. You see, I do still write things I just haven't been sharing them, at least not with everyone. While I do still hope to actually write for profits as a living, it isn't that I don't want to share what I've got for free, it's more like  I have a few conflicts with myself about content.

1- "Sharing my world, through my eyes, as warped as it might be"
Ah March 2010 self, how prolific this line would be. The problem with this is in three and a half years the world has changed, or perhaps things have stayed the same but the public has become more aware. Everything is out in the open in our 24 hour, non stop information universe.  And I have thoughts about all of it- thoughts that are not necessarily popular or mainstream, and thoughts that people would consider crazy if they choose to be blissfully unaware. I get it, trust me there is something to say about the freedom of staying blissfully unaware and for the first time I am understanding all of those people throughout history whom I criticized for turning a blind eye to things or not questioning things. However, I am inquisitive always have been and unfortunately now have a million things to say about things that I don't need everyone I know and even more I don't chiming in on.  To put things simply, once you see a supposedly dead celebrity walking down the street a few times you become very leary of anything you see on the news- be it liberal bias, conservative bias, or the ones that claim no bias. 
From time to time my unpopular views will come out but I have done a lot of self censoring myself lately. 

2- Journalism 101: Know your crowd
This was supposed to be a lifestyle blog, a hodgepodge of my thoughts and my ideas, etc. That is fine but my mind circles around ideas of what I would write if  I had a book deal, an editor at a magazine or web-zine, or a talk show (or talk show segment.)  My lack of having any one of these is not for lack of material.  I could easily write a book on parenting (or do a show about it or weekly article) along the lines of NANNY KNOWS BEST which would be a hit because people love being told how to live their lives- I am sorry but it is true.

Then there is the fiction/ non fiction family tales that could rival David Sedaris in both humor and ernesty; you cannot imagine how many TV shows and movies made of books where I, and family members, have openly stated, "They have nothing on us."  Now both of these are great ideas but do they belong on this blog? Not really. Do I start another blog or site for them?  I don't know and am honestly looking for suggestions 

Lastly, there is the cooking and living Gluten Free thing. Simultaiously the least creative and yet probably easiest thing to cover. There is a market for it and yes,  I do have the blog about it but unfortunately I don't seem to be able to crack in to the market. 

So that is basically it. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do and where to go from here.  I am not giving up the blog but kind of feel my readers and myself deserve more than a few movie reviews here and there, picture blogs and the occasional celebrity rant. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On the subject of the TWERK trend

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fire down the block

Last night, or should I say early this morning, it sounded like an air raid was above my house.  By that point there had been about an hour's worth of sirens- both police and fire- zooming around the neighborhood.  It's New York so the sound isn't really all that uncommon and there is an ambulance station a few blocks away so as long as I don't see the lights flashing by the window, it doesn't really phase me. Helicopters, however, get my attention and even more so when there are no search lights lighting up the streets.

Looking out the window I found the bottom of my block was nothing but a cluster of flashing lights. The two ladies next door were heading toward the chaos and yelled up that it was a fire, "A lot was burning."  Clearly Graham needed to go for a midnight walk so I through a sweatshirt over my pajamas and headed towards the sirens. The avenue was covered in rescue vehicles in every direction. Apparently around 11pm fire started in one of the twenty eight local bars- Behan's Pub and had spread to Emerald Pharmacy next door. It took fire fighters over two hours to subdo. Seven People, six of them fire fighters, were treated at hospital but the injuries weren't serious. And as if this wasn't enough excitement for one neighborhood, rumor has it the bar was a drug cover because apparently the Irish were playing Breaking Bad the home game.

*Though I took photos, all of these are courtesy of Eye Witness News.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Honor of Lefties Day- Left Handers Lament

Lyrics (or watch the video! )

Here's the story of my life,
I've had fun but there's been strife,
For I was born left-handed, but I'm proud
To be one of the elite, right-handers we can beat
We're the 10% that stand out in a crowd!

Ah but as a little lad, oh the problems that I had
Winding clockwork toys was just a mystery
Tying laces was a pain, couldn't get it in my brain
Everything was back-to-front it seemed to me

We're the Cack-Handed Kings, we're the LEFTIES
You right-handers just don't have a clue
'Cos if you'd been through what we've been through
Then maybe you would feel superior too!

At 5 I went to school and I was treated like a fool
Being left-handed I stood out from the pack
And trying to learn to write was not a struggle - more a fight
For I had my left hand tied behind my back

"You just get it in your head" the sympathetic teacher said
"You use the right and not the Devil's side"
Those supposed men of vision caused me pain and such derision
Is it any wonder often times I cried?

We're the Southpawed Princes, we're the LEFTIES
You right-handers just don't have a clue
But if you'd been through what we've been through
Then maybe you would feel superior too!

Time then came when my voice dropped
And my face was one big spot
But I was glad when my teenage years arrive,
Because I use my left, I was different from the rest
And the girls saw me as something of a prize!

And I learned some handy tricks in the back row of the flicks
It used to drive my girlfriends all berserk
For their eyes would keep apace of my right hand - just in case
And they never saw my left one go to work!

We're the Scammy Handed Heroes, we're the LEFTIES
You right-handers just don't have a clue
But if you'd been through what we've been through
Then maybe you would feel superior too!

Well I'm married now, worst luck
But my wife she's given up
Asking me to do the chores like peeling spuds,
Or trying to cut the bread, I'll get a 4 by 2 inch wedge
Lose three fingertips and half a pint of blood

And I'd love to be a dad, but I've hit a kind of snag
If you can help please tell us what to do
The problem simply said, is that I'm a left-hand thread
But my wife you see, now she's a right-hand .....OH, YES WE'RE THE

We're the Cuddy Wifter Winners, we're the LEFTIES
You right-handers just don't have a clue
But if you'd been through what we've been through
Then maybe you would feel superior too!

So now we reach today, where you sit and watch me play
And yes, I play right-handed it is true
For the very simple fact is that I've had to adapt
Something all us southpaws have to learn to do

We have trouble tying ties, writing cheques out, using knives
and scissors that were made for your right hand
And when it comes to sport once again we are left short
For in hockey and in polo we are banned

We're the Cack Handed Kings, we're the LEFTIES
You right-handers just don't have a clue
But if you'd been through what we've been through
Then maybe you would feel superior too!

Now I'll finish off my song and as you move along
Please bear in mind the things I've had to say
And please show some respect for your friends who use the left
Thanks for listening to me this Left-Handers Day.

Copyright: Ian Radburn, 2004



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